Manly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is a time when people show their appreciation for one another through words and presents, but sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift. To make things easier for you, here are some manly Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special man.



Duke Cannon The American Soap And Hatchet Set

The American Soap and Hatchet Set is the perfect manly Valentine’s Day gift for guys who like to rough it out. Whether you’re on a backpacking adventure, hard at work in the field, or playing hard on the court, you deserve a good shower and a bunch of manly grooming products.

This Duke Cannon gift set includes the following:

  • Big Ass Brick of Soap, Naval Diplomacy
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap, Productivity 
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap, Accomplishment
  • Tactical Soap on a Rope
  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm
  • Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant
  • Duke Cannon Hatchet
  • Authentic military ammunition can

Each Big Ass Brick of Soap weighs 10 ounces each. That’s three times the size of regular soaps! These badass body cleaners come in different scents that the ladies will love on their men. Naval Diplomacy has a refreshing aquatic scent while Productivity has an energizing light mint scent. Accomplishment smells like a combination of bergamot and black pepper. It’s formulated with active charcoal for deeper and more effective cleaning. That’s exactly what you need after spending time crawling through mud, climbing a mountain, or fixing your car.

Top Grooming Gifts For Men | Photo by Maridav/Bigstock

The grooming set also comes with the unscented Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm. It’s made with lanolin, which is great for moisturizing and repairing dry, cracked hands. The Cannon Balm weighs .56 ounces and like its Big Ass cousins, it’s a lot larger than the usual lip balms out there. It’s formulated with SPF 15 to keep your kissable lips safe against the sun’s harmful rays.

If those aren’t enough, this manly Valentine’s Day gift set comes with the Tactical Soap on a Rope, a mesh scrubber made of military-grade paracord that may come in handy in emergencies. Then there’s the handcrafted hatchet made from US steel and American hickory wood that should scare anyone who tries to take your valuable Duke Cannon products from you. Oh, and all the grooming products are kept safe inside an authentic military ammunition can.


Duke Cannon Working Man’s Supply Box

Reward the hardworking men in your life with a manly Valentine’s Day gift like the Working Man’s Supply Box from Duke Cannon. This gift set is packed with ten essentials that your manly man will love and you will too!

The Working Man’s Supply Box comes in a sturdy, military ammunition can and includes the following manly items: 

  • Big Ass Brick of Soap, Naval Diplomacy
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap, Productivity
  • Big Ass Brick of Beer Soap
  • Tactical Soap on a Rope
  • Working Man’s Face Wash
  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm
  • Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant

Like the Naval Diplomacy and Productivity bar soaps, the Big Ass Brick of Beer Soap weighs 10 ounces. It combines the wonderful scent of Busch Beer and sandalwood, which should make it more enjoyable to scrub the soot off your beer belly. Why add beer, you ask? Because that’s what real men do! Well, also because beer has antioxidants that help cleanse the skin.

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The Supply box also comes with a tube of Working Man’s Face Wash, which contains menthol, jojoba, and vitamin C that work together to clean and protect your handsome face while making you feel re-energized. The gift set also contains the Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm, Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant, and a Tactical Soap on a Rope.


Perpetual Kid DIY Scratch-Off Love Coupons

The idea that men think about sex every 7 seconds is a “gross exaggeration.” According to GQ, the Kinsey Institute came up with a different result from the 7-second estimate that’s been often attributed to them. 

All these don’t matter since you’ll be making your manly man think about you more often than before with the DIY Scratch-Off Love Coupons from Perpetual Kid. The set includes 12 love vouchers where you can write down 12 wonderful surprises you have for your man. Simply think about what you want to do for him, write your special services on the rectangle, and cover them with the scratch-off sticker. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your manly man!


Perpetual Kid Fowl Language Bird Mug

A bird enthusiast who loves coffee and has a sense of humor is the perfect guy. Well, that is if you insist on giving away the Fowl Language Bird Mug as your Valentine’s Day present.

The microwave-safe mug is designed with some, well, “fowl-mouthed” birds like the Bearded Tit, Red-Billed oxpecker, and Blue-Footed Booby. Now before you spill your coffee laughing at these innocent avians, those are real names of real birds. The dishwasher-safe ceramic mug comes in a gift box.


Perpetual Kid Let That Sh*t Go Paint Can Candle

As tough as guys could be, they also have their moments. When he comes home super-stressed, his favorite team just lost, or you won’t let him go out with his boys, he needs to calm down and, you know, let that sh*t go.

Help your man out by giving him a head rub while filling the room with the nice scent from the Let That Sh*t Go Paint Can Candle. The 12-ounce soy wax candle has a Sweet Release-like scent with hints of mint, vanilla, and cucumber. It comes in a small vintage paint can.



Viking AXE Medium Black Street/Sportbike Saddlebag

Does your man love the feel of the wind on his face, sun on his skin, and the roar of a motorcycle between his legs? Then one of the manly Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can think of is a Viking saddlebag.

The AXE Medium Black Street/Sportbike Saddlebag is made to hug the contours of motorcycles, look rugged and masculine, and keep all your valuables safe. It’s crafted with a tough polyurethane body that can withstand weather elements, strong magnetic closures on top flaps, two adjustable straps on the bottom for added stability, and even adjustable straps on the interior to hold whatever you need. It’s easy to install with its own hardware and can be used solo or in pairs.

You can’t keep a man away from his bike so even if you’re hesitant to let him go on long drives, your next best option is to get him a saddlebag so he can always carry what he needs to make it safely back into your loving arms.


Viking Dirtman Medium Black Dirt Bike/Enduro Backpack

if your man’s been riding for quite some time now, he probably owns a saddlebag already. If so, get him a sturdy backpack as his Valentine’s Day present instead?

The Viking Dirtman Medium Black Dirt Bike/Enduro Backpack is ergonomically designed and boasts the signature Viking Dirtman logo. This black backpack is water-resistant, can fit a lot of grub yet isn’t bulky at all; and has plenty of compartments and pockets for gear, valuables, and other stuff. There’s even a reservoir pouch so he can take a sip when thirsty. The adjustable shoulder straps make this backpack a great gift for any dirt biking enthusiast.

Valentine’s Day is coming up very shortly, which means you only have a few more days to decide what to get your biker man as a present. You can’t go wrong with the Viking Dirtman Medium Black Dirt Bike/Enduro Backpack.


EDC Survival Bundle by Frog & CO

Whenever he’s out on a ride, it’s understandable if you get worried. What if he breaks down on the side of the road? What if his bike gets stolen? And what about the other countless things that could go wrong?

Everyday Carry: Top 10 EDC Items For The Prepper Newbie
Everyday Carry: Top 10 EDC Items For The Prepper Newbie | Photo by bsd555/Bigstock

Make sure you never have to worry by gifting him this EDC Survival Bundle for Valentine’s Day. It’s got everything your man needs in case something goes wrong. Among the 21 tools included in the set are a magnesium rod flint, pocket bellow, and tinder for starting a fire. Aside from the fire, the emergency blanket will also help keep him warm if he’s stranded outdoors.

Everyday Carry Gifts to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe | Photo by zwer/Bigstock

Other survival tools in the bundle are a multi-tool knife, 7-in-1 multi-purpose spork, 11-in-1 credit card tool, wire saw, survival bracelet, water bottle clip, screwdrivers, tactical pen, fishing kit, and a carabiner. In case of cuts and other minor injuries, he can patch himself up using alcohol pads, sterile gauze pads, and Band-aids. All these can be kept in the waterproof box included in the purchase. The EDC Survival Bundle is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift that he can carry with him all the time.


Multi-Tool Knife by Frog & CO

A real man is a man who’s always prepared. That sounds like a boy scout but you get the drift. Whether he’s backpacking, riding his Harley, or reporting for work, he should always bring a multi-tool in his everyday carry kit. If he doesn’t have a multi-tool yet, get him one as his Valentine’s day gift.

Top Multi-Tool Gift Ideas | Photo by Juggernaut69/Bigstock

The multi-tool knife by Frog & CO comes with a spring-action regular plier, needle-nose plier, wire cutter tool, knife blade, dagger, wood saw, Phillips screwdriver, and flat screwdriver. It also features a bottle opener, can opener, and fish scaler. He can keep this survival tool inside its nylon sheath carrying case and attach it to his belt or backpack.


LifeShield Self Defense Kit by Frog & CO

A real man knows how to walk away from a fight. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be ready to defend himself if push comes to shove. There are plenty of manly Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can choose from that’ll help keep him safe from threats. The LifeShield Self Defense Kit will surely come in handy if he needs to protect himself and his family when the need arises.

Top Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons You Need | Photo by Zinkevych/Bigstock

The LifeShield Self Defense Kit comes with three non-lethal self-defense tools that should ease your worries, especially if you prefer not to own firearms. The stun gun releases 2.2 million volts of stopping power while the pepper spray provides up to 25 bursts of capsaicin that can reach up to 10 feet away. The personal alarm will surprise anyone who dare hurt your man. Its 120 decibel sound can reach up to 600 feet, which should also get the attention of other people and make the threat think twice. 


Top Prepper Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine’s Day | Photo by Anetlanda/Bigstock

Don’t worry if you don’t have a special someone to give Valentine’s Day gifts to. Any occasion is the perfect time to show your family and friends some love. Since February is love month, why not get them something to show how much they mean to you. Of course, if there’s a man in your life, this list of manly Valentine’s Day gift ideas will hopefully help you out. Check out Gentleman Pirate Club to find out more survival tools and other items you can give out on V-Day.


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