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When it comes to finding the best grooming gifts for men, who else better to ask than the men themselves. Not just any man, though. Get the advice of someone who knows his craft. Take Duke Cannon, for example. This decade-old company built its name by producing high-quality grooming products meant for men with high standards. Since they wanted to be as badass as possible, they got their inspiration from soldiers serving our dear nation. Today, Duke Cannon not only makes grooming products, but they also help out the men and women of the armed forces in any way they can. Talk about dedication to looking good and doing good.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, take some time off to browse through the many amazing products on the Duke Cannon website. To make it easier for you, we have listed down 15 of their top-selling grooming gifts for men.


News Anchor Cedarwood 2-In-1 Hair Wash

“I love my thinning hair,” said no man ever. If you’re lucky to still have thick hair, you should enjoy it even more by making sure it stays healthy. The News Anchor Cedarwood 2-In-1 Hair Wash by Duke Cannon does just that.

The News Anchor Cedarwood 2-in-1 Hair Wash is packed with high-quality ingredients that help keep your hair thick, healthy, and smelling so nice. It gets its wondrous scent from cedar, sandalwood, and spices. Protein helps strengthen your hair while larch tree extract promotes hydration. The hair wash also has tea tree oil and menthol, which help wake you up. What it doesn’t have are harsh parabens.


Shampoo Puck – Barrel Char No. 004

How do you make hockey players and diehard fans enjoy their baths? Give them the Shampoo Puck by Duke Cannon for Christmas, that’s how. The puck-like shampoo bar weighs only 4.5 ounces but is the equivalent of 5 bottles of liquid shampoo. That’s about 175 refreshing washes dudes can enjoy.

The sulphate-free Shampoo Puck counts activated charcoal as one of its main ingredients. It cleanses your hair strands of sebum and other impurities. It also promotes the process of detoxification, which cleans the pores thus encouraging hair growth. Activated charcoal also protects your hair and scalp from the build-up of dirt.

Other ingredients of this Duke Cannon shampoo bar include argan oil for conditioning and cedarwood bark oil for hair repair and restoration. Its deep and rich bourbon scent is courtesy of sandalwood.


News Anchor Power Clean Mint Conditioner

It’s not enough to just use shampoo. You want your hair to be soft and smooth so your lady will be happy to stroke it until you fall asleep. Duke Cannon’s Power Clean Mint Conditioner will not only leave your hair more desirable, it will also make it thicker and healthier.

The Power Clean Mint Conditioner also uses activated charcoal to clean your hair strands while detoxifying the scalp and promoting hair growth. Power Clean also comes with plant-based thickener and anti-static agents to help prevent fly-aways. As for the refreshing scent and cooling effect, the Duke Cannon conditioner makes use of menthol, wild mint, and peppermint.


Big American Bourbon Soap

A soap with a touch of whiskey? Is there anything more badass than this? Duke Cannon partnered with Buffalo Trace Distillery, the award-winning company behind the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, to create the Big American Bourbon Soap.

At 10 ounces, the Big American Bourbon Soap is 2 to 3 times larger than other bar soaps. But what sets it apart really is the magnificent oak barrel scent thanks to the bourbon whiskey. If you’re looking for the perfect grooming gifts for men, few can be as masculine as the Big American Bourbon Soap.

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Tactical Scrubber + Soap Bundle

In the military, you will learn to value bath time. At the start of training, you only have a couple of minutes to take your shower. And you have to clean all crevices while inside a large communal shower room with other grown men in the buff.

Normal beings that need to take their baths as fast as possible can learn a thing or two from them. Luckily, Duke Cannon takes inspiration from our soldiers and is offering the Tactical Scrubber for everyone else.

The Tactical Scrubber is a U.S. military-grade tactical soap pouch. Basically, it’s a mesh pouch where you put your soap inside before scrubbing your body. The coarse part of the pouch is for scrubbing your hands and feet while the softer mesh is for the rest of your body. Since the Tactical Scrubber makes it easier to clean yourself up, you cut your bath time by a lot. The tactical soap pouch comes with a 550-mil-spec paracord that you can use to hang your soap. Speaking of soap, the bundle shown here includes a Big Ass Bricks of Soap.



Big Bourbon Beard Balm

It doesn’t matter if you’re a redneck, hipster or if your name is James Harden. If you grow a beard, you should take care of it as you would a newborn baby. That means you have to feed it, pamper it, and change its diapers. Nah, just kidding!

Seriously, though, you do have to spend some time and money on your beard for it to stay fine. Lucky for you Duke Cannon is all about being fine. The Big Bourbon Beard Balm is made from premium all-natural ingredients that work together to tame your mane and make it smell nice. This should definitely go on your list of grooming gifts for men, the bearded ones, of course.

The ingredients include apricot kernel oil, lanolin, and organic cocoa butter to keep your beard moisturized. They also keep the skin under your beard healthy. Beeswax is a common and important beard care ingredient. Like the other ingredients, beeswax moisturizes the hair and prevents itchiness and dandruff. The woody oak barrel scent is courtesy of, you guessed it, Buffalo Trace Bourbon.


Cooling After-Shave Balm

When the time comes that you have to shave your hard-earned beard, you’ll want an after-shave balm to soothe your skin and your hurting soul. The Duke Cannon Cooling After-Shave Balm will be there for you every step of the way.

The after-shave balm is made of aloe, allantoin, and shea butter. These three hydrate your skin to prevent razor burn. Menthol has a cooling effect that soothes your skin while a light sandalwood scent provides a nice relaxing smell. It doesn’t have sulfates, parabens, or alcohol. It’s definitely one of the best grooming gifts for men who prefer the squeaky clean look.


Quick Buff Siberian Mint Face Scrub

When it comes to being squeaky clean, you could use a face scrub. Men tend to have oily skin so washing their faces before going to bed should be part of their grooming regimen. This also makes facial scrubs a nice grooming present for men this Christmas.

The Quick Buff Siberian Mint Face Scrub rids your skin of impurities. It also hydrates the skin giving it a revitalized feel and look. The exfoliating cleanser digs deep to remove dirt, drool, and other stuff you don’t want on your face. It leaves you with softer and smoother skin.



Trench Warfare Sandalwood & Amber Antiperspirant + Deodorant

Those who work or train hard in the sweltering heat know a thing or two about body odor and how bad it can get. For police and military personnel, the sweat-filled moments don’t end after their training days. Each day they spend in the frontline is another day of sweating a lot and smelling bad. That is why grooming is important to these people and everyone else, for that matter. And when we talk of grooming gifts for men, antiperspirant deodorant should be on top of the list.

The Trench Warfare Antiperspirant + Deodorant by Duke Cannon is made with hardworking men in mind. Like these tough-as-nails men, the Trench Warfare works hard to keep them from sweating and smelling. In fact, its deodorizing power lasts for up to 12 hours.

Its formula is designed to protect your armpits from the “highest allowable level of odor and wetness.” The grooming staple is made with activated charcoal that gets rid of toxins and unpleasant smells.

The Trench Warfare Antiperspirant + Deodorant comes in Sandalwood & Amber scent, which is as masculine as they come. The scent is described as a combination of “lightly spiced woods and fresh vetiver with undertones of rich leather.”


Bourbon Solid Cologne

These are not your ordinary cologne. Since we’re talking Duke Cannon, however, you should expect something delightfully different. The Bourbon Solid Cologne is not the usual liquid that you spray on yourself to make you smell good. This Duke Cannon product is a concentrated cologne balm. In other words, it’s solid.

The Bourbon Solid Cologne smells like a woodsy oak barrel. Yes, this has the same scent as the aforementioned Big American Bourbon Soap. The balm comes in a small rectangular tin can. All you have to do is rub your fingers to get some of the balm then wipe it on your neck or wrists.


Sea Solid Cologne

Your pheromones should be enough to attract the opposite sex but it won’t hurt to get a little help. Duke Cannon’s Sea Solid Cologne is sure to attract women to you the same way beach lovers love the ocean.

The Sea Solid Cologne comes in the Naval Diplomacy scent, which combines the aroma of citrus and freshwater. The concentrated cologne is available in portable 1.5-ounce tins. Once you’ve used up all your balm, clean the tin thoroughly and turn it into a small first aid or survival kit.


Cannon Balm 140° Tactical Lip Protectant

There’s nothing manly about dry, chapped lips. You want your muzzle in tiptop shape for those times your ladylove wants a little lip action. Use Cannon Balm 140° Tactical Lip Protectant to protect your lips from the elements.

The Cannon Balm 140° has SPF 30 to protect your lips from the harmful effects of the sun. It weighs only .56 ounces, which is a lot compared to other over-the-counter lip balms. The CB 140 comes in a minty orange flavor.


Victory Liquid Hand Soap

Remember when your lady always held your hand while taking a stroll or just hanging out somewhere? Are you wondering why she doesn’t seem too interested in that anymore? Don’t fret too much. She still loves you. It’s just that your hands are almost always dirty from doing all those home repairs and yard work.

The solution is pretty simple. Wash your hands as frequently as possible. But don’t just use any bar of soap or hand wash. Get the Duke Cannon Victory Liquid Hand soap and watch your lady sniff away while feeling her face with your soft and clean hands.

The Victory Liquid Hand Soap is definitely a win thanks to its heavenly scent alone. The light modern fragrance is made possible with a combination of warm woods, seagrass, and light musk. They even enlisted the services of Aloe vera to help in moisturizing and soothing your hands.

The Duke Cannon Victory Liquid Hand Soap is available in 17-ounce bottles that are larger than the “soft soaps” in the market right now. It even comes with a World War II-themed propaganda poster that will remind you to wash them filthy hands. Now even if you don’t have a lady to hold hands with, the fact that your hands are this clean and pleasant is already a huge victory.

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Thick In A Box

Duke Cannon’s line of Thick body wash got its name from the “noticeably higher viscosity” of the product. In other words, it’s a lot thicker than most body washes. It is this viscosity that makes Thick a more effective body cleaner. The Thick In A Box bundle comes with four bottles of different scents.

The Naval Diplomacy commands respect with its energizing ocean scent. This body wash also has hints of musk, bergamot, and freshwater. Accomplishment combines the refreshing zesty scent of citrus with the earthy oak moss and woody scent of sandalwood. This one smells like their Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Beer Soap.

The Old Glory body wash has hints of cedarwood, amber, and tobacco. It’s perhaps the most masculine of the bunch. If you’ve tried Duke Cannon’s Leaf and Leather soap, it has a similar scent. Productivity is made from pine, peppermint, and eucalyptus. If you haven’t used this or the soap versions yet, you can probably imagine how refreshing it smells based on the ingredients. As such, the Productivity body wash has an invigorating and uplifting effect.


El Cuatro 4 Ct. Variety Pack

One of the impressive traits of military men and women is decisiveness. They are trained to make quick decisions since their lives or the lives of their fellow soldiers may be at stake. When it comes to Duke Cannon’s line of Big Ass Bricks of Soap, it’s perfectly okay to have a hard time choosing your favorite scent.

To solve this dilemma, Duke Cannon came up with the El Cuatro variety pack. This set includes 4 bars of Big Ass Bricks of Soap, particularly Naval Diplomacy, Accomplishment, Productivity, and Victory. The latter has a fresh scent with a bit of grass.


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With these top grooming gifts for men, even real-life pirates will look good and smell nice. Check out Gentleman Pirate Club for more gift guides for all sexes.


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