Top Emergency Preparedness Gifts for Moms

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Your mom has been taking care of you since you were still in her tummy. She made sure nothing bad would happen to you. That’s just how moms are made. Now that you’re able to take care of yourself, it’s about time to look after your mother. These emergency preparedness gifts from moms will definitely make her feel special this coming Mother’s Day. More importantly, they will give your mom a better fighting chance in case of emergency situations.



Car Emergency Kit

Your mom has to be prepared for any emergency wherever she go. When she’s on the road, a car emergency kit should help. In case her car breaks down, she’ll find all of the items in the Redfora Premier Emergency Car Kit pretty handy.

The kit includes some items necessary for simple car fixes like jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, oil funnel, tow rope, multi-function shovel, bungee cord, duct tape, and a reflective safety vest. Of course, her car should have all the basic tools so she can fix any issue and get back home safely.

Top Car Emergency Tools | Photo by Wordley Calvo Stock/Bigstock

In case she’s stranded and has to wait for rescue, the 2400 calorie food bars and 12 water pouches included in the Redfora emergency kit will help sustain her. The tube tent, survival blankets, 16-hour body warmers, and hooded ponchos will keep the occupants warm in case it gets too cold. The waterproof matches will help make fire for warmth and light. Also providing light are the multi-function Auto Guardian flashlight, candle, 12-hour bright stick, and a road flare.

Other items in the Redfora Premium Car Emergency Kit are a hydration bag, multi-tool, 5-in-1 whistle, 50-foot rope, blue tarp, work gloves, safety goggles, sewing kit, pencil, and notebook. There’s also a first aid kit, 6 disposable masks, and waste bags. While waiting, she can entertain herself with a deck of cards. These are no ordinary playing cards, though. Each card has a useful survival tip printed on it.


Earthquake Emergency Kit

If your mom lives in California, Idaho, Hawaii or other earthquake-prone areas, you need to relocate her now. The next Big One is expected anytime from now to the next three decades. If moving is out of the question, she should at least be prepared in the event of an earthquake.

The next most logical thing to do is to build an earthquake-proof home for her. If you’re thinking of getting her an extravagant Mother’s Day gift, this is certainly it. That’s not enough, though.

Gift your mother with emergency gear she can use during such emergency. The Redfora Premier Earthquake Bag comes complete with three days’ worth of food and water for one person. The red bag also contains tools and equipment necessary to prepare your meals, particularly, a portable stove, fuel, waterproof matches, stainless steel cup, and utensils. To make sure your mom will not go thirsty, the kit also has ten water purification tablets and a LifeStraw Water Filter.

What Would I Do to Survive An Earthquake | Photo by Fahroni/Bigstock

The earthquake emergency kit is also equipped with a head lamp, 12 hour bright stick and a hand crank radio with flashlight and phone charging features. There’s also a tube tent, sleeping bag, emergency poncho, and a hand and body warmer. Other tools in the kit are a multi-function tool, emergency whistle, duct tape, nylon rope, sewing kit, notebook, pencil, safety goggles, gloves, disposable masks, and a set of survival playing cards.


Office Emergency Kit

Some mothers prefer having a job than just staying at home. If this is your mom, you should be proud of her though it’s normal to worry about her. Have a little peace of mind by giving her emergency preparedness gifts for moms this coming Mother’s Day.

Top Get Home Bag Essentials For These Tumultuous Times | Photo by: steph photographies/Bigstock

Ideally, she should have a get home bag. It’s an emergency kit that helps people survive and get back to their family in case an emergency happens when they’re not home. Aside from a get home bag, your mom’s workplace should also have emergency kits.

The Redfora 5 Person Office Bucket comes with supplies and tools that should help about five people survive for three days. The 5-gallon bucket contains 30 water pouches, 30 food bars and 50 water purification tablets. Each tablet can purify up to one liter of water so they should be good for 50 liters of drinking water.

Workplace Safety Tips You Should Be Practicing | Photo by insidestudio/Bigstock

If it takes more than a day to find the way home, your mother can use the two-person tube tent for shelter. The emergency survival blankets and ponchos will also help up to five people survive the cold nights.

Other survival tools include a multi-function knife with 16 features, flat pry bar, a 4-in-1 multi-function radio, survival whistle, and a blue tarp. The kit also has rechargeable LED flashlights, emergency candles, bright sticks, and waterproof matches. Plus, there are also work gloves, safety goggles, duct tape, N95 dust masks, sewing kit, a hygiene kit, and a first aid kit.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Prepare Moms for Emergencies | Photo by famveldman/Bigstock


Pet Emergency Kits

Your parents probably live alone with only a pet to keep them company. Since you and their grandchildren can’t visit the old folks that much because of the pandemic, you can at least make your mom happy with some thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts.

How to Prepare Pets for Disasters | Photo by Christin Lola/Bigstock
How to Prepare Pets for Disasters | Photo by Christin Lola/Bigstock

Gift her with an emergency kit for their pet dog or cat. Redfora has both. Their Complete Emergency Kit for Dogs incudes two packs of emergency dog food, six water pouches, and 10 water purification tablets. There’s also a can opener and feeding bowl to make sure their dog can eat and drink properly.

During stressful times, your pet dog can be easily agitated. That’s why the emergency kit also has an extra collar with reflective leash and a metal stake with tie down leash to help control your furry friend. There are also dog toys to keep your pet calm and entertained. The kit also contains a first aid kit, nylon rope, bright sticks, body warmer, emergency survival blanket, and 50 waste bags.

Top Pet Emergency Kit Items | Photo by smrm1977/Bigstock

For your cat lover mom, the Redfora Complete Emergency Kit for Cats is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The kit includes stuff that she’ll need to care of her feline friend during an emergency. It’s basically the same with the kit for dogs though it comes with cat food, an extra collar with bell, a reflective leash, and cat toys.



Emergency Preparedness Guidebooks

Is your mom a book lover? If so, then you’ve probably given her books on different special occasions. Why stop now? A guidebook on emergency preparedness seems like a thoughtful Mother’s Day that she’ll appreciate.

The Guide To Creating Your Emergency Plan will take your mom through the ins and outs of emergency preparedness. It will teach her the basics of prepping for disasters including how to create an emergency plan and how to build a bug out bag.

Top Survival Books You Should Be Reading | Photo by New Africa/Bigstock


Emergency Light

Speaking of bug out bags, some of the best emergency preparedness gifts for moms you can think of include survival tools. You don’t need an occasion such as Mother’s Day to buy your parents new gear to add to their go bags.

The Torch 500 Multi-Purpose Light by Goal Zero is a good addition to any emergency kit. It provides up to 500 lumens of LED light and comes with spotlight and floodlight features. The spotlight and floodlight can last for 50 hours on low setting. The spotlight and floodlight provides up to 3.5 and 3 hours on high setting, respectively.

The Torch 500 utilizes an impressive 5200 mAh battery that can be recharged via USB source or its built-in solar panel. It has an IP67 rating, which means it can withstand the elements. It is waterproof when submerged in up to a depth of one meter for half an hour.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Help Ease Her Worries | Photo by: CHOReograPH/Bigstock


Fire Starter

Some mothers prefer the simpler things. They may even get angry at you for getting them extravagant gifts. The flint fire starter is a simple enough survival tool that should make it to your list of emergency preparedness gifts for mothers.

Top Fire Starters for Every Survival Situation | Photo by zlikovec/Bigstock

Fire is vital to survival as it provides light and warmth. Of course, you already know that fire is used to cook food and boil water. It is also used to call for help when you’re out in the wilderness. A fire starter is definitely something you should always have in your bug out bag or in camping backpack.



Multi-function tools are some of the best emergency preparedness gifts around. They are so many in the market that you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing one for your mom. You can get her something small like a Swiss Army Knife that she can bring in her everyday carry kit or something more menacing like the 3-Function Emergency Hatchet from Redfora.

Top Multi-Tool Gift Ideas | Photo by Juggernaut69/Bigstock

The Redfora product is a hatchet, a pry bar and a hammer in one tool. It’s a useful multi-tool to have at home for simple repairs, self-defense, and emergencies. In a disaster scenario, the hatchet can be used to break down doors or pry open windows. The 6.5-inch handle gives you leverage for a more forceful swing.


Solar Power Kit

To most people, it would be pretty inconvenient when power goes out. For the elderly and sick, blackouts can cost them their lives. Be prepared for power outages by investing on a solar power system. It may be costly at first but you will save money in the long run.

If you can’t afford to install a complete system at your parents’ home, you can get them something like the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station + Boulder 50 Solar Panel Kit in the meantime. You can’t visit your parents as often as you’d like so it’s important that you can regularly check on them by phone or online. This bundle will help make sure you guys stay connected.

The Yeti 150 Portable Power Station, can charge small devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. It can be recharged using a wall outlet, car charger or using the 50 watt solar panel. The solar panel is made of tempered glass and aluminum so it should last a long time. The built-in kickstand will help you get the right angle to make the most of the sun.


Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Prepper Mom
Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Prepper Mom | Photo by evgeny atamanenko/Bigstock

Moms definitely deserve all the adulation and pampering. They’ve been through so much just to make sure we grow up to be decent human beings. We owe it to them to make them feel special not only on Mother’s Day but each and every day.

Take the time to visit or connect with your mother, especially if you haven’t seen each other for the last year or so because of the coronavirus pandemic. You should also get them some emergency preparedness gifts for moms to let them know you worry about them. Go to Gentleman Pirate Club to find more gift guides and emergency preparedness tips.


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