Amazing Christmas Gifts For Pirate Lovers That They’ll Surely Treasure


Ahoy, matey! Set sail for adventure, because it’s Christmas time and your loved ones needn’t wait for Santa to bring them goodies. Whether they’re a budding buccaneer or an experienced scallywag, finding the perfect gift that captures their spirit of exploration doesn’t have to be buried treasure – check out our list below of amazing gifts any pirate lover would instantly set their heart on. So raise your sails and let’s get ready: hoist the Jolly Roger and dive right into these exciting Christmas presents sure to give pirates of all ages some seasonal swashbuckling thrills!



Gentleman Pirate Club In Grey & Black™ Cap

A tricorn may be a little too fancy to wear on a regular day so why not get your pirate-loving loved one a pirate-themed cap for Christmas instead? Wearing a cap, especially the stylish and quality Gentleman Pirate Club In Grey & Black™ Cap, is an easy way to showcase their personal sense of style and make a fashion statement. Most importantly, this is a great way to keep their head safe from the heat and protect their eyes from the sun’s glare. And when it gets cold, your pirate-themed present will also help keep them warm.

The Gentleman Pirate Club In Grey & Black™ Cap is available in black, white, slate grey, navy, jade green, and light pink, which are all made of 100% cotton. The beige one meanwhile is 81% cotton and 19% rayon. The five-panel cap features a double-wide front panel with a swashbuckling pirate logo. It’s the perfect present for all genders aged 13 and older.

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Gentleman Pirate Club Beautiful Pirate Princess™ Tote Bag

Who says pirates can’t be pretty? If the one receiving the present is more of a pirate princess, then this elegant and fashionable tote bag should be on top of your list of Christmas gifts for pirate lovers! The Gentleman Pirate Club Beautiful Pirate Princess™ Tote Bag has enough room for all your lass’s needs.

The hot pink tote bag is made of 100% polyester shell with cotton shoulder straps. It features a stylish yet edgy female version of the Jolly Roger printed on both sides. It comes in three different sizes so you can choose one that’s perfect for your pirate princess. With its fashionable design and durable material, the bag is sure to be a hit Christmas present!


Gentleman Pirate Club Pirates Will Be Pirate™ Kids Pullover Hoodie

Pirate-loving friends with a toddler will appreciate the Pirates Will Be Pirate Kids Pullover Hoodie. Not only will it help keep their child warm, but it is also an easy way to show off their love for pirate-themed Christmas presents.

This stylish and comfortable hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This ethically sourced sweatshirt is designed for comfort, with a jersey-lined hood, front pouch pocket, and ribbed cuffs and hem. It has a unisex fit, so anyone can wear it and feel comfortable. It’s available in black, heather grey, dark blue, and pink.


Gentleman Pirate Club Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold™ Shower Curtain

Sailing the seven seas for Christmas may be out of reach unless you own a ship and have the time to go on a long voyage. But you can still bring the spirit of adventure and exploration into your loved one’s bathroom with a unique pirate-themed shower curtain! With the Gentleman Pirate Club Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold™ Shower Curtain, they can pretend to be on a pirate ship while soaking in the tub and singing one of the classic seadog anthems.

The soft 100% polyester shower curtain is white and translucent on the reverse side and black with a sparkling gold Jolly Roger and the words “Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold” on the front. It measures 71 x 74″ (180 x 188 cm) so it can be used in most standard showers and tubs.


Gentleman Pirate Club It’s a Pirate Thing™ Pet Bandana

Do you know someone who loves both pirates and pets? The It’s A Pirate Thing Pet Bandana also from Gentleman Pirate Club is a great Christmas present for any pet-loving pirate! Whether the receiver owns cats, dogs, or even guinea pigs and hamsters – they can transform their beloved fur babies into tiny buccaneers with this fashionable bandana.

The It’s A Pirate Thing Pet Bandana, available in two sizes, is made of 100% breathable polyester fabric and comes in black with a classic Jolly Roger logo in gradient colors along with the words “It’s A Pirate Thing.”

Whether your pet pirate wears it around their neck or tied to their collar, they will look super adorable! They’ll be sure to turn heads as they proudly strut around town wearing their new pirate-themed bandana. Just remind them not to let their pet wear the bandana for too long and to keep an eye on them while they’re wearing your present.


Puppa The Pirate Fairy™ Water Bottle

One thing pirates didn’t have much back in the day is drinking water. That’s why they had to resort to drinking rum! Gifting your adult pirate-loving loved one a bottle of rum is once but if you really care, you’d get them something to make sure they stay hydrated all the time.

The Puppa The Pirate Fairy Water Bottle is a stylish stainless steel bottle with a leakproof cap. It can carry as much as 20 ounces or 590 ml of water. The lightweight water bottle sorts a 360-degree full-wrap vibrant print of Puppa the Pirate Fairy.



The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure Paperback

A book is always a nice and thoughtful gift to give, especially if it’s an adventure-filled story with a pirate as the main hero. The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure is a delightful and entertaining tale of how Pirate Pete, the wee pirate fairy from the Treasure Tove, goes on an epic mission to rescue some secret fairy treasure with the help of his allies.

Put yourself in the swashbuckler’s boots with the help of some amazing illustrations that can be digitally downloaded and cut. This includes paper dolls, a pirate ship, party props, a door and windows, an island, and some signs. And if that’s not enough, it also comes with a coloring book. Any pirate-loving child will surely treasure this Christmas gift!


EvZ Vintage Nautical Leather Journal

Pirates keep the whereabouts of their booty a secret. As for your pirate-loving loved ones, they can keep their deepest darkest secrets in the EvZ Vintage Nautical Leather Journal.

This vintage-style notebook comes with a soft PU leather cover with a nautical symbol embossed on the front side. A couple of retro pendants are attached to a leather string that adds a unique touch to the journal.

Inside, it contains 80 sheets of unlined paper that are perfect for writing down anything from notes, to-do lists, or thoughts. The refillable rustic journal works well as a travel journal, diary, sketchbook, or craft notebook.


HOTSOX Men’s Pirate Skull Crew Socks

Peg leg or not, any pirate-loving person will love a pair of Pirate Skull Crew Socks from HOTSOX. The pair is made of 50% cotton, 25% polyester, 22% nylon, and 3% spandex and is adorned with a savvy pattern of a skull and crossbones wearing a red bandana and an eyepatch. It looks great for any occasion, whether it be for Christmas or for a costume party. The crew socks are also quite comfy to wear and fit sizes 6 to 12.5. It’s one of the Christmas gifts pirate lovers will surely love!

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TOMY Pop-Up Pirate Game

Give the gift of classic pirate fun with the TOMY Pop-Up Pirate Game! This beloved family game is sure to bring hours of entertainment for Christmas and beyond. The object of the game is to try to avoid making the pirate pop up from his barrel when inserting different colored swords into the holes. As players insert the tiny swords, they have no idea which one will make the pirate pop up and they’ll be so surprised when it happens.

The Pop-Up Pirate Game includes a blue base, a brown barrel, 24 colorful swords, and a bearded pirate with an eyepatch. It also comes with stickers of birds, sharks, and an octopus.

The game can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 people, young and old alike, and is sure to keep everyone engaged. So get ready for some swashbuckling fun this Christmas season!


Modern Printed Matter Thanks Matey Kraken Octopus Card

If you’re having a hard time picking a pirate gift, why don’t you send a card instead? Modern Printed Matter’s Thanks Matey Kraken Octopus Card is the perfect Christmas gift for a pirate-loving friend. It may seem too simple but a pirate-themed card is a thoughtful gift for seafarers and landlubbers alike.

You can write an uplifting and heartfelt message or a simple yet funny note to make the recipient feel extra special. And don’t forget, you can always slip in a bill or two if you’re giving the card to children or teens. Perhaps tickets to a show or a game make a friend’s Christmas extra memorable.

Also, the 5.5 x 4.25-inch card made of recycled paper has an octopus dressed as a pirate and hoisting a bottle of rum. What’s not to like?! So show your appreciation to someone special this Christmas with the Thanks Matey Kraken Octopus Card!

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Digital Downloadable Pirate Pete Instant Fairy Garden

Don’t have the time to go shopping? Can’t visit and give the Christmas present in person? No problem! A digital downloadable set like the Pirate Pete Instant Fairy Garden is the perfect pirate gift for the young scalawags! This magical garden comes with everything needed to create a pirate-filled fairy adventure.

The kit includes all the pieces they need to construct their own pirate-themed fairy garden, including a pirate ship, an island, palm trees, treasure chests, sea turtles, a parrot, pirate signs, a pirate crew, and Pirate Pete, of course!



Metal Earth Premium Series Black Pearl – Black Version Steel Model Kit

Anyone who’s into pirate stuff will be excited to build a steel model kit of a popular pirate ship — the iconic Black Pearl. The fictional ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series captained by Jack Sparrow is a fine addition to your loved one’s collection of pirate treasures.

The steel model kit comes with two flat sheets of metal containing 49 pieces. Simply detach the pieces from the sheet and start building the pirate ship. No glue necessary!

With a difficulty level of 5, kids should be able to finish this puzzle by themselves. But it’d be more fun and safe if parents helped out. Once the Black Pearl model is built, it looks amazing and makes for a great Christmas gift. It’s sure to bring hours of entertainment and be cherished by any pirate-loving family!


CubicFun Store LED Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate Ship Model Craft Kit

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving Christmas gifts to a young scallywag or an old sea dog, this LED Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate Ship Model Craft Kit from CubicFun Store is one of the best Christmas gifts pirate lovers will love. It includes all the necessary pieces to make a detailed 3D model of the infamous Queen Anne’s Revenge that was once captained by Blackbeard himself!

The 3D puzzle is made of 340 pieces of sturdy EPS foam board, which can easily be put together without glue or tools. The model ship measures 26 inches long, 25 inches wide and 25 inches high so it’d look magnificent once they’re done building it. The 15 LED lights, powered by AA batteries, will further add to the realism of your creation and make it look like a real pirate ship cruising through the night. This Christmas gift will surely bring a smile to an old salt or a little buccaneer’s face!


Wind & Weather Antiqued Brass Poem Compass with Leather Case

For truly special Christmas gifts for pirate lovers, the Wind & Weather Antiqued Brass Poem Compass with Leather Case is a wonderful choice. This antiqued brass compass has the popular Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken,” etched on its lid. It also comes with a vintage-style leather case for easy storage and carrying. The compass measures 2.5 inches in diameter, so it’s just the right size for a pocket or a purse. That said, it’s a great Christmas present for people who love to go hiking, camping, or backpacking. This vintage compass is also perfect for anyone who likes to sail the seven seas and explore unknown lands. It will make a wonderful memento of their adventures that they can carry with them wherever they go!


Suck UK Waiter’s Friend Legless Pirate Cork Screw with Bottle Opener and Foil Opener

For friends or family that love to hoist a bottle of rum and have great Christmas nights, the Waiter’s Friend Legless Pirate Cork Screw from Suck UK is sure to make them laugh. This fun Christmas gift will let them pop open their favorite drop with ease – using the handle as leverage to twist the corkscrew into the cork.

The legless pirate looks like your classic pirate with an eyepatch, a silver-grey beard, and a black bandana adorned with a skull-and-crossbones logo. The arms of the pirate double as a serrated foil cutter while one of its legs is a corkscrew. It becomes a peg-legged old salt with the addition of a cork stopper. This is simply one of the funniest Christmas gifts for pirate lovers you can ever think of and they’ll never have problems opening their favorite wines or beers with this fun and useful Christmas gift. Hoist it up, me hearties!


Streamline Narwhal Tape Dispenser

Get your favorite co-worker, who keeps yapping about pirates and whales, the Streamline Narwhal Tape Dispenser, and tell them you’ll tape their mouth shut if they don’t stop. Just kidding! This narwhal-shaped tape dispenser will make them smile every time they reach for tape and it’s sure to keep their Christmas spirit up!

The Streamline Narwhal Tape Dispenser is made of ocean blue polyresin and metal. It holds standard-size cellophane tape rolls. The cute whale with a golden horn measures 5.5 inches long and 3 inches tall. It comes in a box so it’s easier to wrap and give away as Christmas gifts pirate lovers can use in the office.


Streamline Narwhal Sound & LED Key Light

The Streamline Narwhal Sound & LED Keylight is another awesome Christmas gift idea for the friend or relative who can’t get enough of pirates, whales, and everything about the sea. This keychain features a light blue narwhal with pink underbelly and a gray horn made of rubber. Aside from holding keys, this cute version of the unicorn of the sea produces an LED light and sound with a click of a button. It’s a great thing to have when you need to find your keys or unlock a door in the dark. It measures 4.5 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 2 inches tall, so it’s small enough to clip to any bag or purse using its spring-loaded carabiner.


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Christmas gifts for pirate lovers come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a stylish cap, an elegant tote bag, a fun shower curtain, or an entertaining book, you can find something that they’ll treasure. Discover more things pirate over at Gentleman Pirate Club. You might pick up some ideas on what pirate gifts to get your loved ones. So this Christmas, surprise ye hearties with something special that they’ll remember for many Christmas holidays to come! Arrrrr matey!


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