Top Valentine’s Day Gifts to Keep Your Badass Lady Happy


Not all women are the same. Some love the classic combo of chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinner dates. Others prefer something simple like a nice homemade dinner followed by a bottle of wine while watching The Notebook for the 100th time. Then there are the ladies that’ll kick you on the behind if you suggest Valentine’s Day-themed romantic flicks. There are women with all sorts of Valentine’s Day moods but they all have one thing in common: they’d be happy receiving Valentine’s Day gifts.
But not just any Valentine’s Day gifts, get your lady a gift that reflects her personality and a strong sense of self. So here are our top Valentine’s Day gifts to keep your badass lady happy, or at least give you a fighting chance.



The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Frida Kahlo’s On The Lips Of Dreams Lip Balm

Let’s start off this list of Valentine’s Day gifts for badass women with one that pays tribute to one of the most amazing women this world ever knew — Frida Kahlo.

The Frida Kahlo’s On The Lips Of Dreams Lip Balm is a cool and soothing citrus-flavored lip balm, first and foremost. But with the self-portrait of one of the best painters that ever lived, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day present for ladies who love art. Best of all, it’s amazing to watch your lady put on the lip balm and make that cute little pout.


Blue Q I’m a Girl. What’s Your Superpower? Socks

Put your foot down this Valentine’s Day with these cute novelty socks from Blue Q. Not only are they bright and colorful but will make her smile when she sees the fun pun about who she is.

This out-of-this-world pair of I’m a Girl. What’s Your Superpower? socks perfectly describe how super your girl is. The socks are made of 52% combed cotton, 46% nylon, and 2% spandex so she’ll definitely appreciate how cozy they feel on her feet. The machine-washable pair fits women’s shoe sizes 5 to 10.

While the socks look pretty, they’re also a good reminder not to get on her bad side unless you want a taste of girl power. Now about your “if you can see this, bring me a sandwich” socks…


Running Press The Golden Girls Talking Button

Keep pushing her button and you’ll find yourself sleeping on the couch more often than not. Alleviate the damage by getting her a Valentine’s Day gift that’ll help her calm down by tickling her funny bone.

The Golden Girls Talking Button is the perfect stress reliever as it hollers some of the classic show’s popular one-liners from four of the best TV characters (and actresses) ever. Every time your lady pushes the button, she’ll hear Dorothy’s sarcasm, Sophia’s savage remarks, Blanche’s lusty Southern belle accent, and Rose’s naive sweetness. Their signature phrases should be enough to put a smile on her face. But you still have to make up for what you did.

Practical Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Busy Moms | Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

The talking button comes with a mini-book written by Christine Kopaczewski, author of The Golden Girls. The book contains 32 pages of funny quotes and colored photos from the TV sitcom.

The legendary Betty White, who played Rose, passed away right before 2021 ended and just a few weeks before she would’ve turned a century old. That means all four Golden Girls are now exchanging barbs up in heaven. This talking button is not just a great Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, it’s also a nice tribute to these four amazing actresses.


Grosche DUBLIN Stainless Steel French Press

For women who wake up early to start their day, the perfect Valentine’s Day present is something that’ll give them a great boost in the morning and keep them happy throughout the day. The Grosche DUBLIN Stainless Steel French Press, for example, can help your lady start her day off right with a nice hot cup of joe. It should also keep her from suffering half an hour of waiting at a Starbucks store just to get her daily park-me-up.

The durable and stylish Grosche French press is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a shiny mirror exterior. Inside, you’ll find the stainless steel double-wall insulation that keeps hot beverages hot. The one-liter DUBLIN French press can make two to three cups so it’s perfect if you want to stay over for coffee.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for A Happy Homestead | Photo by tsnorth/Bigstock


Grosche EVEREST 14 oz Insulated Coffee Mug with Handle and Lid

A mug seems like a tired idea for a Valentine’s Day gift but not if you’re talking about the Grosche EVEREST Insulated Coffee Mug. This badass mug goes well with your badass lady since both are tough as nails, dependable, pretty, and, uhmm, hot.

The Grosche EVEREST insulated coffee mug has an 18/8 stainless steel double-walled vacuum insulated body, which means it can keep drinks either hot or cold for hours. The 14 oz thermal mug comes with an easy-grip handle and an easy-to-clean splash-proof lid with a sliding closure for easy sipping. The stylish travel mug comes in black, white, and blue versions. Get two so you can take cute photos of yourselves sipping from your coffee mugs then post them on Instagram. Or maybe not.



LifeShield Self Defense Kit

As tough as your lady is, she still needs something to protect herself with. You can’t always be physically around her so your best option is to get her an equally badass self-defense weapon to increase her chances against any threat. And besides, even if you’re together she may end up protecting your lame ass.

Top Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons You Need | Photo by Zinkevych/Bigstock

The LifeShield Self Defense Kit includes three items that should help her during emergencies. The stun gun releases 2.2 million volts that should temporarily disable a threat for about 45 seconds. That’s enough for her to escape or find help.

The pepper gel spray also prevents a threat from advancing by releasing a mixture highlighted by capsaicinoid, which comes from red peppers. It contains enough for as many as 25 bursts. Each burst can reach up to 10 feet and has a spraying reliability of 98%. The non-lethal weapon measures just 6.10 inches and weighs 3.5 oz so she can bring it with her everywhere she goes.

Everyday Carry Gifts to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe | Photo by zwer/Bigstock

The third safety tool in the LifeShield Self Defense Kit is a personal alarm. It emits a debilitating 120 decibel sound when the pin is pulled, which will surely draw the attention of people up to 600 feet away to help your lady in an emergency.


ASP S21B Sentry Tactical Baton

A tactical baton is another non-lethal weapon you can get your badass lady this Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect everyday carry tool since it collapses into something that can easily fit in a bag or purse.

The ASP S21B Sentry Tactical Baton measures 7.265 inches when collapsed and expands to 20 inches when deployed. It’s made of 4130 steel, has injection-molded wave pattern grips, black textured caps, and a black chrome finish.

The tactical baton deploys fast so she’ll be ready for some striking and blocking when the need arises. This Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for your badass lady because it will give her peace of mind knowing that she’s always prepared in case anything should happen.

How To Prevent Sexual Assault On Valentine’s Day | Photo by monkeybusinessimages/Bigstock


Frog & CO Tactical Pen Knife

The Tactical Pen Knife is one of the most badass Valentine’s Day gifts for women with a sense of adventure. Made by Frog & CO, this survival tool is both a pen and a knife. It can be used to write love letters, cut rope, open sealed boxes, and stab evil people.

Get Any of These Innovative Tactical Pens To Increase Chances of Survival
Get Any of These Innovative Tactical Pens To Increase Chances of Survival | Photo By zwer/Bigstock

The Tactical Pen Knife, which is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum, hides a 2.5-inch serrated blade under its cap. At 5.5 inches and 1.6 oz, the survival tool fits in any pocket, handbag, or backpack. It’s an ideal everyday carry item and should also be kept in your bug out bag.


ViperTec Black Ghost D/A OTF Knife

A pocket knife is a necessary survival tool and a thoughtful Valentine’s Day present for your significant other. The Black Ghost Double Action Out-the-Front Knife is equipped with a hand-sharpened 3.5-inch 440c blade and an ergonomic zinc alloy handle. The switch is strategically placed on the handle’s spine for both left and right-handed users to easily deploy the blade.

At the bottom of the handle is a glass breaker pommel that will come in handy during a fire, road accident, or other emergencies that require some window breaking. The stainless steel reversible pocket clip lets users keep the knife either on their right or left side. The pocket knife hides some high precision workmanship as the stainless steel parts work, including the coated high-performance spring, smoothly together to make sure the knife works whenever you need it.

The Black Ghost will help keep her safe whenever she’s out alone but owning a pocket knife isn’t enough, though. It may give her a false sense of security. Despite her badassery, she still needs to know how to properly handle a knife. Make sure you enroll her in a self-defense training course. Better yet, take the class together.


Alpha Defense Gear Tactical Flashlight Pack

Does your lady love biking, running, backpacking, or other outdoor sports? If yes, then your badass girl deserves Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll help her out while on one of her adventures.

How to Use Your Tactical Flashlight to Survive | Photo by NorGal/Bigstock

The Alpha Defense Gear Tactical Flashlight Pack is the way to go. It comes with a powerful, bright flashlight so your lady can see well at night while out on an adventure. The compact tactical flashlight is water-resistant, anti-abrasive, and skid-proof so it should be fine when things get a bit too rugged.

The pack also includes a couple of Alpha Face Shields and decal. The lightweight Face Shield tubular bandanas offer protection from the sun, wind, and other elements. Your lady can use the bandana as a dust mask, to cover her face and neck during dusty rides, and any other number of things.

Outdoor Lovers’ Guide to Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Shopping | Photo by New Africa/Bigstock

Not only that, the Alpha Face Shield can be worn in a lot of ways giving her different styles that suit the moment. She can also use it to cover your face if she can’t stand you.


How to Build A Survival Kit for Women | Photo by AndyBadger/Bigstock

A strong, badass woman doesn’t need a man to take care of herself. These hard-working ladies can fend for themselves and buy anything they want with their hard-earned money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get them nice Valentine’s Day gifts, right? Discover more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for badass women over at Gentleman Pirate Club.


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